Enabling churches where disabled people belong.

Disabled people are often excluded from the life of the church in many ways. Churches have a legal responsibility to ensure that their buildings are safe and accessible – but inclusion for disabled people goes far beyond installing ramps and toilets.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are 650 million people with disabilities in the world. They are the most unreached people from a Christian perspective. For instance, how many people with disabilities have you seen in your church? People with disabilities need God just as much as anyone else. Therefore the church needs to actively reach out to and be inclusive of people with disabilities by being accessible in attitude, buildings and correct Biblical teaching. The Bible has much to say about disability.

People with disabilities should not just be viewed as “needy” but as participants in the life of the church for they have much to contribute. They can be a unique witness to the grace and glory of God. They need to be in a “user-friendly” atmosphere whereby they can realise their full potential and purpose, which God has for them.


Resources for Disablity Inclusivity

Suggested websites:

Suggested books:

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